Academic Accomodations

Letters of Accommodation:
Accessibility Services provides students with approved accommodations letters for professors. Accommodations letters includes academic accommodations approved for a student. To access accommodations letters students must:

  1. Be registered with Accessibility Services and have academic accommodations approved by the Accessibility Coordinator.
  2. Visit Accessibility Services and pick up their accommodations letters during the first week of classes
  3. Deliver their accommodations letters to each professor and discuss accommodations as appropriate. We recommend students meet with instructors during office hours or by private appointment to discuss any necessary accommodations or essential elements of the course.
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 each semester.

PLEASE NOTE: After receiving an accommodations letter, instructors have up to 5 business days to provide the approved accommodations. This is to allow time for any administrative planning that may need to occur. Thus, students should deliver accommodations letters well in advance of any class exams.

Class Notes and Note Takers:

Students who are authorized by Accessibility Services for note-taking assistance can obtain class notes in a number of ways. Discuss with the Accessibility Coordinator the pros and cons of each method for accessing class materials. The student must also submit a NOTETAKER REQUEST FORM

However, note-taking assistance is not a substitute for attending class. Note-taking accommodations are provided by volunteers. Students needing note-taking assistance may approach the Accessibility Coordinator for suggestions regarding how to acquire a copy of course notes. If a student approved for note-taking accommodations and are experiencing difficulties in obtaining notes, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Accessibility Coordinator.