Transitioning to College

We are excited to welcome you to Oglethorpe University! The Office of Accessibility Services offers accommodations, coordination and services at no additional cost for students with documented disabilities. OAS promotes equitable and accessible education, meaningful self-advocacy, awareness of disability issues and inclusiveness for the Oglethorpe community.

We recommend students register with our office the summer before starting to get a jump start on identifying accommodations and other helpful resources that will contribute to your success.

Transitioning From High School To College


  • Identify students with disabilities and provide assessment
  • Classify disabilities according to specified categories
  • Involve parents and guardians in placement decisions
  • Provide certain non-academic services
  • Place students in programs where they can benefit in any way by placement committee and parent participation and approval
  • Structure a large part of the student’s schedule
  • Modify education programs
  • Prepare Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans
  • Provide a free and appropriate education
  • Provide appropriate services by the school nurse or health service
  • Does not administer assessments or provide diagnostic information
  • Evaluate and verify documentation if applicable
  • Make reasonable adjustments in teaching methods which do not fundamentally alter the content or functions of the course, program or college requirements

Students have an increased responsibility in the post-secondary setting in order to promote self-advocacy, this may include:

  • Self-identification or disclosure their diagnosis to disability support staff
  • Supplying appropriate documentation of their disability and identifying how it relates to the requested accommodation
  • Booking their own tutoring appointments facilitated by professional staff
  • Arranging for their own personal care attendants
  • Contacting instructors to ensure that accommodations are implemented in each course

It is recommended that students with disabilities who are admitted to Oglethorpe register with Accessibility Services during their MAP Day. Doing so will ensure the most appropriate accommodation strategy. Accessibility Services can also coordinate services such as modified housing, interpreters, accommodations on placement tests, etc. for orientation sessions.

Below are a few notable differences between high school and college accommodations. Please know that we are here to assist students with a successful transition to college.

Differences Between High School and College Accommodations

High SchoolCollege
IdentificationStudents are identified by the school districts.Students must self-identify by registering with the Office of Accessibility Services.
PrivacyInformation is shared with parents/guardians.Every student’s right to privacy and confidentiality is upheld.
Placement and AccommodationsPlacement and accommodations include parents/guardians.Accommodations do not include parents/guardians.
After self-identifying, students will meet with the Office of Accessibility Services to discuss their needs and how Oglethorpe can support.
Instructor AwarenessSpecial Education teachers may know the student and be aware of specific difficulties or concerns, including strengths and weaknesses.Students will need to initiate discussion and make concerns known to college instructors, advisors, and Office of Accessibility Services staff.
Time ManagementSchool district structures a student’s weekly schedule.Each student is responsible for their own time management. Office of Accessibility Services staff are here to assist with developing time management strategies for academic success.
Reminders and DeadlinesTeachers remind students of exam dates and assignment deadlines.Students are expected to know exam dates and assignment deadlines by referring to course syllabi.
Altering Courses and ProgramsCourses and programs can be fundamentally altered.Courses and programs are not fundamentally altered. The university will ensure students have appropriate accommodations and access.
Testing and EvaluationSchool districts will provide testing, evaluation and services to students. Student is responsible for disability evaluation.

Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities.