Academic Advising

advisingNew first-year students are enrolled in their courses by the Center for Student Success prior to their MAP Day orientation, preceding the first day of classes at Oglethorpe University. Following their MAP Day orientation, all new students will be assigned an Academic Advisor within the Center for Student Success. Advisor assignments will be denoted on a student’s the OASIS Student Planning profile as well as the Navigate Student Success application.

Additionally, students will be paired with an academic mentor, a faculty member representing their discipline of interest.  Academic advisors will work in sync with academic mentors to ensure holistic student success. Academic advisors primary focus will be to provide students with efficient and effective academic pathways, assist with registration and institutional procedure guidance, monitor early alerts and academic referrals, encourage whole-student health, and support students in successfully navigating university policies and procedures. Academic mentors will work in parallel with advisors to provide discipline and major-specific guidance, support students in experiential learning, curriculum, and course guidance, career/professional network development and navigate departmental policy and procedure.