Remote Learning Success: Tips and Tricks

Remote Learning Success: Tips and Tricks

Transitioning to remote learning is a new experience for you, and Oglethorpe University (OU) is prepared to ease this transition by offering all Petrels the unique in-class course structure OU is renowned for in a remote format where you will discuss big ideas, engage with bright classmates and faculty, and participate in coursework and co-curricular activities that will expand your skill sets.

OU’s faculty are amazing and already delivering creative solutions for classroom engagement. In addition to Socratic discussions, which are easily facilitated over Zoom, faculty are developing all kinds of innovative initiatives – from at-home experiment kits to remote concerts. Sadly, no classroom in the U.S. will look the same as it did last Fall, but OU is confident that our students are going to have an experience that is engaging and personalized to their needs.

As such, please be patient and understanding with all campus stakeholders during this time by offering kindness as everyone navigates this process, and use this guide as a roadmap to take control of your remote learning experiences.

Reflect on What Works Best for You

What do you need to be a successful remote learner? Please consider the following:

  1. Workspace. Identify or create a workspace for your learning that boosts your focus.  The perfect place is a quiet, distraction-free environment that works best for you to be productive.  Consider putting your devices on “do not disturb” while doing class work. While on breaks, try to do so in a different space in order to maintain a “work-only zone.”
  2. Technology. Confirm the technical requirements of each course: Student Technology Recommendations. Some courses require certain programs (e.g. Excel), video conferencing capabilities etc.  Also, a reliable internet connection is necessary for remote learning.  If you are unsure about whether your device meets the technical requirements for remote learning, please email the Helpdesk at [email protected].
  3. Organization and Time Management. Thoroughly read every course syllabus and map out each course assignment and exam with corresponding dedicated study times in an academic calendar/planner.  Begin and end every day by checking your OU email account, Moodle courses (announcements, assignments etc.), and other OU platforms for important information and adjust your academic calendar/planner accordingly. Lastly, please keep your appointments and if you are not able to, please inform the other party as soon as possible and reschedule.
  4. Communication. Stay in consistent contact with each of your professors and academic advisor. Email is usually the best method to ask your professor questions about your course, or to communicate any obstacles you may be experiencing.  If you are unable to attend virtual office hours because of time conflicts, briefly explain what is happening in an email, and request to chat online, talk on the phone, or videoconference. Please remember to suggest several days/times you are free to do so.

Ask for Help and Take Care of Yourself

Please contact your professor and your academic advisor immediately if you need any help. We are here to guide you during this unusual time.  If you need help connecting to your professor/academic advisor or any other resource on campus, please email [email protected]. Lastly, stay in consistent contact with your friends and family, exercise, and eat and sleep well.

For specific questions or concerns, please review the list below of OU support services

Accessibility Support
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Tutoring Support
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns

Library Support 
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Career Development
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Mental Health Support
Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

Extra Student Support

If you are concerned about a student’s academic performance, please fill out our Petrel Assessment & Care Team Referral Form.