Make an Appointment in Tutortrac

Getting Started

To sign in to TutorTrac, use your Oglethorpe log-in and password—the same log-in you use for your email, OASIS, Moodle, etc.

  1. Once you have signed in select “Search for Availability,” from the left sidebar.
  2. In the left sidebar you will now see “CENTER.” Click the arrow for the drop-down menu and select the center for which you are requesting tutoring. For example “Writing Center” or “Tutoring Center.”
  3. You will now see “Search Criteria” on the left sidebar. You can search by course or by date and time.
  4. To search by course: click the arrow for the drop-down menu, Select the course for which you want tutoring and then “search.” To make a writing center appointment, click the button below and for the section, choose “General Writing Help.”
  5. To search by day of the week any/or date: select a date range from the calendar and/or click on the days you wish to search for (the day will be green when it is selected), then click “search.”
  6. Then in the middle panel, you will see all available tutors and times that fall within your search criteria. Once you have decided on a tutoring time, click on the time.
  7. A new box will open, here select the subject and reason for which you are requesting tutoring from the drop down menus. Confirm the time and hit “save.” You should receive an email confirming the appointment.

Screen Shots

Scroll through our directions to see screen shots and learn exactly how to make a tutoring appointment using Tutortrac.