Traditional Undergraduate Advising

New students are registered for the first time by a “temporary” adviser, at either Passport, orientation or at some other time prior to the first day of classes of the semester during which the student enters Oglethorpe. Once a new student completes Passport and/or orientation, he/she is assigned a primary academic adviser from among the teaching faculty; when possible, the primary academic adviser will teach in the student’s discipline of interest. If a student has not decided their major, the Academic Success Center serves as their adviser until they choose a major.

Advising1All students welcome to use the Academic Success Center’s advising services if they need help identifying their academic adviser.

If a student wishes to change their primary adviser, they my do so by filling out the Change of Information form available on the HUB website.

Students should always work with their primary academic adviser first, using the ASC only in cases when their primary academic adviser is unavailable.