Grievance Procedures

While Accessibility Services works diligently to provide the most appropriate accommodations possible in a timely manner, students have every right to file a grievance. Oglethorpe University strives to provide prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging action prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, ADA Amendments Act of 2009 (ADAAA), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Any person who believes that appropriate accommodations have not been provided to a student or that discrimination has occurred against a student based on disability is permitted to file a grievance with the University as provided for by the following grievance procedure. Oglethorpe University is committed to using its best efforts to resolve disputes pertaining to disability services in an informal manner whenever possible. To this end, a student, who believes s/he has been aggrieved by either some action or inaction on the part of the University as a whole or with a particular individual is strongly encouraged to raise his/her concern directly with the individual or other appropriate official of the University.

Whenever an individual is dissatisfied with the informal resolution of a grievance or prefers to file a formal complaint the following procedures shall apply.

  • Initial grievances regarding disability accommodations, accessibility, and inclusion should be first addressed to the Office of Accessibility Services, ([email protected]).
  • The grievance must be submitted in writing, contain the name and address of the complainant, and describe allegations.
  • The description must include specific facts to support the allegation(s).
  • The grievance must be filed within thirty (30) days of the alleged incident.

Once accessibility services reviews the grievance, reviews the records, and renders a response in writing, it is within your rights to appeal the decision or ask for additional review and consideration. These appeals must be addressed to the Assistant Provost.

Upon appeal, an investigation, as may be appropriate, shall be conducted by the Assistant Provost. During this procedure, the complainant and the persons against whom the allegations have been made, and their respective representatives, if any, will have the opportunity to submit information and documentation regarding the complaint allegations. The investigation will be completed with written results of the investigation issued and a copy forwarded to the complainant within thirty (30) workdays of receipt of the complaint. The complainant may appeal the findings of the investigation by completing the online Academic Affairs Complaint/Appeal/Policy Waiver Request.

Although the University will make reasonable efforts to comply with these timelines, circumstances such as access to information, availability of personnel, and school breaks, may justify an extension of time.

Retaliation against any person who files a complaint of alleged discrimination, participates in an investigation, or opposes discriminatory education practice or policy is prohibited under University policy and by state and federal law.