Academic Success

Advising2Academic Success provides Oglethorpe students with a wide range of services designed not only to address academic challenges but to help students set and achieve their academic goals.

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The Excel Academic Coaching Program (EACP) was developed for Oglethorpe University students who are struggling academically, and provides them a meaningful opportunity to work with an academic coach to bolster the habits that are necessary to be a successful scholar. Participants in this program gain priority access to a variety of academic support services that positively influence the retention and persistence of academic at-risk students.  The EACP also facilitates opportunities for students to develop effective strategies aimed at improving their socio-emotional, academic, and self-authorship skills.

The EACP operates on a continuum of connection consisting of two parts:

  1. Partnership: The academic coach and the student work together to explore the student’s thoughts and feelings about their current academic status, discuss strategies for improvement, establish overarching and daily manageable goals, create action plan, set deadlines for completion, and schedule an appointment for the student to return and discuss their progress.
  2. Student’s Responsibility: The onus then falls to the student to complete the items on their action plan, then return to their academic coach to review their achievements and reflect on their progress through the self-analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. The academic coach and student amend the action plan as needed and schedule an appointment for the student to return and discuss their progress.

Each student is required to do the following to maintain good standing in the EACP:

  • Thirty minute weekly check-ins with their academic coach
  • Attend one half hour tutoring session per week/per course
  • Log one hour of study hall hours per week/per course
  • Attend professors’ office hours bi-weekly

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Academic Success offers a reduced-distraction testing environment as an academic accommodation for those registered with accessibility services that have been approved for this accommodation. This service is requested by students registered with accessibility services. Due to staff and space limitations, Academic Success will review non-accessibility related proctoring requests on a case-by-case basis. To initiate the request, professors are asked to email Academic Success staff will review the request and notify the professor if we will be able to honor the request. Thank you!