Pre-Health Advising

Pre-Health Advising

Medicine is not just a career, but a calling; not just a living, but a life.

Pre-Health studies at Oglethorpe is not a major; instead, it is a special advising area that complements your major and prepares you for application to post-graduate, professional programs.

So, you want to be a doctor, eh?  As an undergrad, you’ll begin with a major, along with intensive Pre-Health advising: a selection of courses and experiences that offer important preparation and fulfillment of key prerequisites for admission to post-graduate professional programs.  In many cases, that can mean additional courses, taken in addition to your major.

Though post-graduate professional programs fill their student ranks with students from science-rich majors like Biology or Chemistry, they are increasingly placing value on students coming with a more thorough grounding in the humanities.  Program admit students from a variety of majors, so long as they have i) a Bachelor’s degree (with a major), ii) a commitment to patient-centered and collaborative work and iii) solid standardized test scores and certain prerequisite courses.  (Note- having a major with a “Pre-“ (as in Pre-Med) is not necessary; and in fact is often discouraged.)  They often explicitly state that they are looking for a whole person, not just a scientific-center technologist.  Both the technical and humanistic paths are integral to the Oglethorpe educational experience, where we don’t just require courses in these areas, but celebrate the value of interconnectedness between disciplines.  This approach is valued by most post-graduate professional programs and explains Oglethorpe’s success in placing students in these programs.

At Oglethorpe, you’ll find exceptional mentorship and one-on-one, personal advising.  For example, the Pre-Medical path can be a challenging one; from planning and sequencing key coursework, to studying for the MCAT, to finding that vital internship/shadowing experience, to acing that Med school admissions interview.  It’s a lot easier when you have expert faculty guiding you every step of the way; from the day you step on campus to graduation day and beyond.  Oglethorpe’s small class sizes mean that professors get to know each student and are always there to help.  You will always have someone to turn to for help.

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Faculty Advisor
Dr. Charles Baube
Director of Pre-Health Advising, Professor of Biology
Oglethorpe University
[email protected]
404-364-8404 Direct

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