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Writing Center

Writing tip of the day

“Write as clearly as you can and let the depth take care of itself”. – Ted Williamson Imagine you are telling an intelligent person what your paper is about who is not in the class and who hasn’t done the reading. And then write that down.

OU Rubrics

These are examples of grading rubrics that OU professors have used. They are not definitive by any stretch, but may provide some guidance. Philosophy:  Critical Writing Ethical Reasoning Philosophical Knowledge Oral Communication Writing Mechanics    

This page is devoted to external resources for writing.

There are many excellent and highly developed writing center websites online, so there seems little need to reinvent the wheel. The OWL at Purdue University is perhaps the most thorough and comprehensive website. It contains information and tips on every aspect of writing, from coming up with a thesis to writing transitions. Online Writing Lab […]

Make the five-paragraph essay work for you!

Writing essays by formula teaches students how to not think – David Labaree | Aeon Essays Schools and colleges in the United States are adept at teaching students how to write by the numbers. The idea is to make writing easy by eliminating the messy part – making meaning – and focusing effort on reproducing […]

First Papers

The first set of papers for the semester looms! Don’t be That Guy who phones it in the night before the due date. Start by outlining, drafting and polishing, and then watch Netflix when all your mates are tearing their hair out the night before it’s due. The Writing Center is here to help the […]