Study Tip Tuesday April 4th - Academic Success

Study Tip Tuesday April 4th

In The Lecture Hall

Effective study skills start in the lecture hall. From active listening to taking notes, discover the skills to a successful classroom experience.

Learning to listen: Did you know that listening is an essential skill for studying and learning? For some students, the art of listening is a skill that can make or break success in the classroom. This link provides an easy mnemonic device for improving listening skills in the lecture hall.

The art of active listening: Once you master the art of listening, you can extend this skill into better classroom performance. This resource from Princeton University will help you develop or improve your active listening skills while learning key strategies for better note taking and post-lecture reviews.

The Cornell method of note taking: When it comes to taking notes, there are many different strategies to choose from. But the Cornell method is hailed as one of the easiest and most effective note taking frameworks, providing a systematic format for synthesizing and organizing your class notes. This link provides a detailed how-to for mastering the Cornell method of note taking for more effective studying and better academic performance.

Before-during-after lecture note taking strategy: Taking notes is an activity that isn’t restricted to the lecture hall. In fact, experts advise that becoming an effective note taker requires some key steps before, during, and after a lecture. Adopting this comprehensive strategy can result in better studying as well as improved comprehension and retention. Visit this link to learn more.